Viva Live Oak

Graduate student coordinator: Jesica Fernández

The collaboration was a "photovoice project" that included residents taking pictures of their neighborhoods, writing narratives about their pictures, having conversations, and developing themes that describe their neighborhood. Based on their pictures, they determined their themes to be: historical and ecological preservation, community pride, and social justice. This 7-week examination turned into a year-long project, as residents decided to continue meeting so that they could plan actions to take within their community, based on the themes of their pictures. Some actions were the creation of a calendar that included historical information about their community, and community exhibitions of their photographs and narratives at the library, farmer's market, and the county building. The goals were to increase the sense of community for residents and the facilitation of a stronger place identity, which our participants viewed as important to effectively engage in other forms of community-based action. 

Historical & Ecological Preservation

Photo of Trees and House

What will we lose or gain when this openness is gone?

Old Roadhouse on E. Cliff Dr.

Preserving the history and unique character of Live Oak neighborhoods is important, not only to residents, but to visitors. One example of achieving this is by rebuilding and restoring the Roadhouse on E. Cliff Dr. to create a community center or other use.

Community Pride

Fire Trucks

In Live Oak, fire trucks are ready to go. In an emergency, I would rather call the fire department instead of the Sheriff. Fire is adequately staffed and around the corner. The Sheriff Department is known for their slow response time.

Gumball Machines

I love the colors in this shot. To me, they are evocative of the diversity of Live Oak. This picture was taken outside La Esperanza Market, right behind my house. I often shop there for chilies, cilantro, avocados, and other good cheap produce. I practice my Spanish with the people working there. It feels homey to walk down the street to this brightly colored market.

Social Justice

Food Collection Bins

Here we collect food to provide food for people who plant, harvest and can these foods for us, because they do not earn enough to feed themselves and their families.

Telephone Pole and Sky

Between 17th Ave and Chanticleer Ave, there is one street light. Between Chanticleer and Brommer St, there are 7. Those 7 are located in the richer part of the neighborhood.

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