Society for Community Research & Action

The Society for Community Research and Action - Community Psychology, Division 27 of the American Psychological Association is an international organization devoted to advancing theory, research, and social action. Its members are committed to promoting health and empowerment and to preventing problems in communities, groups, & individuals. SCRA serves many different disciplines that focus on community research and action.


Society for Psychological Study of Social Issues

SPSSI is an association of  approximately 3000 psychologists, allied scientists, and others, who are interested in the application of research on the psychological aspects of important social issues to public policy solutions.


Society for Applied Anthropology

The Society for Applied Anthropology aspires to promote the integration of anthropological perspectives and methods in solving human problems throughout the world; to advocate for fair and just public policy based upon sound research; to promote public recognition of anthropology as a profession; and to support the continuing professionalization of the field.

Art 4 Change


The art4change program was founded in 1998 by r2row and is housed within the Art Department at Gavilan College. Funding for the program is primarily derived from community members who volunteer their time and talents to serve the communities within which they live. Participation in art4change is a selfless act by an individual or group to create meaningful art that inspires, enlightens, and honors the communities in which they engage. Art4change resonates within the community long after the creative process. Indeed, it often serves as the very catalyst.

Zinn Education Project Logo

Zinn Education Project

The Zinn Education Project promotes and supports the use of Howard Zinn’s best-selling book A People’s History of the United States and other materials for teaching a people’s history in middle and high school classrooms across the country. The Zinn Education Project is coordinated by two non-profit organizations, Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change. We believe that through taking a more engaging and more honest look at the past, we can help equip students with the analytical tools to make sense of - and improve - the world today.

University Community Links

University-Community Links is a network of university and community partners, working together to create and sustain innovative after-school programs. UC Links sites bring underserved K-12 youth together with university students in guided activities that engage their minds and connect them to each other, their communities, and the world around them.


Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California

The Center for Collaborative Research for an Equitable California (CCREC) is a University of California Multi-Campus Research Program funded by the UC Office of the President. Launched in summer 2010, CCREC is a multi/transdisciplinary and collaborative effort to address the state’s interconnected crises in the economy, education, employment, environment, health, housing, and nutrition. These crises intensify inequities, threaten the state’s intellectual, technological and economic competitiveness, and make it difficult for the University of California to meet its public service mission.

SC Commons Logo

Santa Cruz Commons

Santa Cruz Commons opens a space for the collaboration of community activists and activist academics who seek innovative solutions at the local level to social and economic problems that seem intransigent in a national context.